Module Positions

TerranTribune has been constructed with an assortment of 32 module positions allowing for one of the most versatile designs ever. Most of these module positions are fully collapsible meaning that if there are no modules published in particular area, that module area will not be shown. This provides you with the maximum amount of flexibility possible.

TerranTribune includes built in style and implementation for the extra module positions. These module positions are not defined in a default Joomla install and are listed below:

search, header2, right2, right3, right4, right5, left2, left3, left4, left5

You can add these additional module positions by going to "Site > Template Manager > Module Positions" in your Joomla administrator. Add each of the additional module positions by entering the name in the "module position" field. Then click Save. Now your extra module positions will be ready for you to place module content into, TerranTribune will take care of the rest.