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TerranTribune continues the chain of impressive, revolutionary, yet functional RocketTheme templates. It combines incredible styling with refined and powerful code to help your website achieve its maximum potential.

  • Color Array
    TerranTribune includes an array of colors that you can select from and are integrated with the menu system for a stylish, color-changing effect.
  • RokMiniNews
    RokMiniNews is a powerful module to display your articles, perfect for news and media sites. It is highly configurable and is javascript enabled to allow for user interaction. A truly versatile extension
  • RokNewsRotator
    RokNewsRotator is a module that rotates your news item using the powerful of the mootools javascript library. You simply assign a category/section and watch your articles transition
  • IE6 Warning Message
    For the TerranTribune template we included a script that will display a message to IE6 users advising them to upgrade to a more secure browser version.

    This is not enabled by default, but can easily be turned on or off with a toggle in the template index.php. When enabled, users visiting your site with IE6 only, will be able to view the message. By enabling this, you can help fight the good fight that rids the internet of the evil incarnation that is IE6!
  • Stylish Typography
    TerranTribune includes a vast selection of professionally styled typography to bring that extra element to your content. Choose from several typography options including various bullet and number styles as well as much much more.
  • 32 Module Positions
    With a Module Position count of 32, as well as support for many more using the new tabbed module functionality, you will be able create a wide variety of layout options and methods for presenting your site's content.
  • Menu Extravaganza
    SplitMenu is a dynamic colour changing menu system with 3rd level dropdowns to maximise navigation. The new RokMooMenu is now accompanied by its predecessor, Suckerfish in a toggle option so you can easier interchange for maximum compatibility.
  • Rocketlauncher Available
    The TerranTribune RocketLauncher package consists of a full 1.0.15 Joomla install, complete with all of the demo images, content, modules, and extensions. By running the installer, your Joomla site will be set up with all everything needed to create an exact implementation of the demo site automatically.
  • Joomla 1.5 Native
    A Joomla 1.5 native version of TerranTribune is available. The front-end of your site will be the same as TerranTribune 1.0.x but Joomla 1.5 allows for the option of back-end parameters. Therefore, all the index.php configurable options are easily accessible in the Joomla 1.5 administrator. Simply go to Admin -> Extensions -> rt_terrantribune_j15 -> Edit. All the options will appear in the right column such as the transition type for RokMooMenu.

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